Some sun after the week of rain. Happy Wednesday!

The Plebeian Palate is not a food blog, nor does it aim to go around rating eateries, restaurants and whatnot. It is a collection of food that I have tasted, and fallen in love with (or in some cases, fallen out of love with), and the experiences with food all around. Sometimes it will have personal musings on life and thereabout.

Also, if you notice, there are entries from the other side of the world, i.e. USA, because I am actually based in Portland, but I am back in Singapore for the holidays sometimes. So the entries encompass a random mash up of food/drinks I have eaten/drank in both parts of the world. I can’t write that well, so I tend to just post photos. Please pardon that, as I really do want to share the good food with everyone!

Please enjoy the entries, as I truly feel that food makes the world go round, and our tummies grow round.

You can reach me at theplebeianpalate. Cheers.

  1. ahappycook
    January 2, 2015 at 12:55 am

    Thanks for sharing your amazing dining adventures 🙂 I love your photos too! Wishing you a happy new year and hope to see more foodie experiences to come!

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