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Homemade Pork Chops

November 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Dad's Pork Chops

My dad is quite an amazing self-taught cook, and he cooks almost every day, even more than my mom (who is a great cook too btw), so I get to taste yummy home cooked food quite often. Occasionally, when I come home,  the delicious aroma of nicely browned (with some burnt edges) pork chops wafts around in the air, and it makes the tiring day at work totally worth it. And when I finally sink my teeth into those chops, it just feels.. awesome! One day, I will learn how to cook from him. One day. Hah.

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Cup for keeps

November 13, 2011 Leave a comment

If you are a coffee junkie, and have done your part by supporting fair trade coffee and all that, it’s time to move one notch up the coffee snob ladder, by reducing your carbon footprint! Stop wasting paper cups at your favourite coffee joint when you buy coffee to go. Get the KeepCup! This is an Australian product, and it is a barista standard reusable cup. It’s lightweight, dishwasher save, microwaveable, splash proof.. yada yada you can read up on their website. I admit, I did not get the cup with reducing carbon footprint in mind. I got it because I fell in love with the colourful range of cups at Papa Palheta. Plus because I have a coffee machine, and I drive around quite a bit for work, I thought it would surely come in handy when I need a cuppa on the go. And apparently, if you bring the cup to Loysel’s Toy, they would give you a discount. So all in all, this cup is for keeps! I got this for $16.50 at PPP. It’s been serving me well thus far 🙂

keep cup

Grey, pink and yellow for the win!

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Numero Uno

August 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Aite, here we go. My first entry in this blog!

T and I started out this blog with the inclination towards a food blog kinda thing, but thereafter, we decided that it would be more like a lifestyle blog. Basically that just means we can talk about anything under the sun, but you will probably see more entries on food than other stuff, since food is one our my fave things to indulge in. Most of the time, I would be the one writing, but T is one man behind the photos.

Truth be told, we have been into food and photos for a long time now, but somehow did not overcome the inertia to pen everything down. Now, there seems to be an impetus to get this up and running because it kinda offers an escape from the mundane. For me at least; Something to do with a new appointment at work, and having little time to do the things I like.

So here goes. The story of my plebeian palate, with the utmost support from my loyal photographer other half. Please savour.

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