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Broder, Portland

February 7, 2013 Leave a comment

Scandinavia? Sounds pretty familiar. Ikea’s furniture and café? Saab? No I am talking about Broder. Food pretty impressive. The wait is pretty impressive too. 1 over hour wait for brunch on a Sunday morning at 9am. The café is really tiny with a little more than 10 tables on SE Clinton Street. They probably rented the space from Savoy Bar beside as a waiting room so guests don’t have to freeze and get drenched in the cold and wet weather. Plenty of seats and Stumptown coffee served in the waiting room @ $2.50 Bottomless! *thumbs up*


Aebleskivers (Danish Pancakes) were probably the best thing I had there. Completed with housemade lemon curd, lingoberry jam, syrup and housemade applesauce. Usually served with a choice of 2 sauces but server gave us all 4!


Their signature dish, Pytt I Panna, Smoked Trout Swedish Hash in the mini cast iron skillets was good too!


Smorrebrod: Trio of Open Faced Sandwiches

Broder, Portland

Lefse (Norwegian Potato Crepe)

Staff is friendly and amazing! Definitely will be back again!

2508 SE Clinton St
Portland, OR 97255
(503) 736-3333
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 9 am – 3 pm
Wed-Sat 5 pm – 10 pm

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Golden Gate Bakery, San Francisco

A chinese bakery located in the hearts of Chinatown in San Francisco. They are famous for their egg tarts and probably one of the better ones I had in the States. You can hardly miss this place if you walk by Grant Ave as there’s always a long line. Trust me. As long as they are open, the traffic never ends. However, they are frequently out on vacation or they are just not open. It doesn’t help that the service is like that of a classic asian place but what do you expect in Chinatown right?

Golden Gate Bakery, San Francisco

Egg Tarts

My first encounter with their egg tarts were when my aunt bought home a dozen of them. She refused to eat them unless she just got them at the bakery. They tasted pretty good even when its cold. So I had to make a trip down to Chinatown to check them out myself. Obviously it did taste better when it was freshly baked. Definitely get a dozen for 15 bucks when you happen to be in the area. Oh one last note, as usual Chinatown = Cash Only.

Golden Gate Bakery
1029 Grant Ave
(between Jackson St & Pacific Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94133
Tel: (415) 781-2627
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 8 am – 8 pm

Hummerstons Restaurant

January 17, 2012 Leave a comment

After some entries of food from US, let me abruptly switch over to the local SG scene, because I just went to this awesome brunch place over the weekend, and I would like to share a bit on that.

One of my friend, Adam is relocating to Melbourne real soon (like tomorrow), and so we met up for brunch on Sunday. I had the Herculean task of deciding on the location, and after a struggle between a few good brunch places, I settled for Hummerstons at Robertson Walk for a couple of reasons.

  1. It’s opened by the previous executive chef of PS Cafe, ergo, decent food definitely, and of course, a huge vase of flowers ala PS Cafe style
  2. I like the deco from what I saw online; vintage chairs and a rather industrial kinda feel to the place
  3. Location. Adam wanted to have coffee after brunch at Toby’s Estate, which was at Rodyk St. So I was looking for some place within walking distance (although in the end we drove there, LOL)

The last reason had the most extensive clout, btw. Location, location!

Well, it turned out to be a good decision because we all loved the place and the food was good. It’s on the second level of Robertson Walk, so it’s quiet and conducive for chatting. What I appreciated most was the space utilization; Hummerstons is spacious but they did not try to cramp too many tables in it, and so one doesn’t feel like their conversation is being broadcasted to their neighbours. And it’s not one of those sound trapping spaces where you gotta compete with others to be heard. It’s really just right for a lazy brunch to read or to converse. Food-wise, we all had differing opinions on the taste but we generally enjoyed the meal. There were 4 of us, so this is one of the rare chances I get to take photos of so many dishes. 🙂


The Hummerstons Breakfast
Eggs of choice (scrambled, sunny, poached, fried), bacon, smoked pork & garlic sausage, mushroom, roasted tomato, toast, homefries


Traditional Pasta Carbonara
Spaghetti, mushrooms, bacon, onion, garlic oil, parmesan, basil & fresh egg


Eggs Benedict
Toasted English muffins, poached eggs, Canadian bacon, hollandaise, homefries


Breakfast Tostada
Grilled smoked pork & garlic sausage, asparagus, caramelized onions, herb scrambled eggs & spiced pepper sauce, crispy corn tortilla

The food is more than decent, although the carbonara was a little dry and seemed more like an aglio olio dish, rather than creamy carbonara. That was the only gripe we had. Other than that, everything else was good. I will definitely take T here when he’s back, and that’s a good testimonial for the place, coming from me!

Hummerstons Restaurant
11 Unity Street
#02-14 Robertson Walk
Tel: +65 6737 8863
Tue to Fri: 12pm – 4pm (Lunch)
Tue to Sun: 6pm – 12am (Dinner)
Sat, Sun & PH: 10am – 4pm (Brunch)


September 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Almost 2 years after Hatched @ Evans Lodge hatched, did I finally visit the place that I’ve heard so much about, from ardent brunch fans. Hatched serves all day brunch, and if you haven’t already got an inkling of their area of specialization, let me egg you on with a clue that might seem a little egg-stra: what do young animals hatch from? Yes, eggs! They serves eggs in many forms! Going through their extremely colouful and illustrated menu of egg dishes is no mean feat. One moment you could be attracted to a particular egg dish, the next moment, your eyes (or rather, your taste buds) could be drawn to another yummy sounding egg dish. Was really quite spoilt for choice, but I finally decided on the Le Rossini.


Le Rossini
Enjoy the best of both worlds with classic scrambled eggs dressed in decadent foie gras, drizzled with truffle oil, atop Ciabatta bread, served with sauteed potatoes with caramelised onions

This was one of the most expensive dishes in the menu (no thanks to the foie gras and truffle oil), but I was curious to find out how truffle oil and eggs go together. In the end, I feel that truffle oil is a bit too strong for eggs, and texture wise, they don’t quite match too. But in all honesty, the eggs were good, and I enjoyed every morsel of the dish.


Pancake Party
Thick fluffy pancakes served with butter, fresh cream and maple syrup and caramelised apples

Ter’s brother, E, ordered the Pancake Party, which wasn’t an egg dish, but still brunch fare nonetheless. Though Hatched is all about eggs, they paid their due diligence in making the other dishes up to standard too, so I was pleasantly surprised to know that the Pancake Party packed a punch (like some alliteration tongue twister). Nice!


The Designer Egg White Omelette – Onions, Mushrooms and Ham

Leaving the best for the last, this was what Ter had. He always chooses egg whites over the normal eggs (read: health conscious), but knowing that egg whites do nothing but to make the entire dish look bland, we threw in the salt and pepper set in the background to spruce the plate up. Heh.

Hatched has limited number of seats, and it gets very crowded after 11 am on weekends, so do come early if you don’t want to wait. The restaurant is decorated with various egg-related paraphernalia, some of which are pretty cute. Lots of thought put into the decor.

Pop by Hatched, for an egg-citing brunch!

26 Evans Road #01-06 Evans Lodge Singapore 259367
Opening Hours:
Tues – Thurs 8am – 10pm (Last Food Order: 9.30pm)
Fri – Sat 8am – 11pm (Last Food Order: 9.30pm)
Sun 8am – 10pm (Last Food Order: 9.30pm)
Tel: +65 6735 0012 / +65 6735 0013