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CCK BBQ Chicken Wings

January 20, 2012 2 comments

This is a short and sweet post. Or so I intended for it to be.

Most people are bound to have their favourite comfort food. You know, the food that is always within reach, so you can go eat it in your slackest out-of-bed attire. And somehow, on any given day, it just tastes like the most amazing food, rain or shine, humid or very humid. For me, it’s the bbq chicken wings at this zichar place just round the corner where I live. I don’t quite remember how I chanced upon this place, because it is a little out of the way, but I suppose I probably have all the food within 2km radius of my home under my radar! Leave no food un-eaten! The zichar place is a little quirky, and because I’ve patronized them for such a long time, I kinda know all of the people working there. There is a forgetful uncle who takes drinks orders, who has forgotten to collect money from me before (don’t take advantage!), an Indian uncle who pengs the chicken wings and is very fluent in Mandarin, the black dog that is always around, and the ah lian auntie who is erm, never at the stall but comes scurrying when you need to order.

Their chilli is super good, and their wings are finger licking good. You gotta try them if you come by Choa Chu Kang! It’s along the row of shophouses behind Keat Hong Shopping Centre, opposite the defunct Keat Hong Camp. They sell out usually about 10-ish at night, so do come early. They used to cost $1.00 each, in the days of yore, but now they cost $1.30 each. I know right, inflation affects even chicken wings! I’ve seen the price rise with the years and I still love their wings. It’s just very sedap!

Choa Chu Kang Chicken Wings, Singapore

216 Coffee Shop (Hong Kiat Seafood Restaurant)
Blk 216 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1 Singapore 689477
Opening Hours: Dinner Time
Closed on Mondays.


No. 1 Western Food

November 6, 2011 4 comments

Everyone loves a gd ‘ol hawker style Western food with oily fries and a slick sunny side up. If you’re with me, then you know what I am talking about. Yeah, it’s the Western food that your parents buy home some times, and it comes in a plastic sheet lined paper box, secured with a rubber band. And it always comes with a fried bun and sometimes, coleslaw. So far, the best Western food I’ve had is at this super ulu hawker centre at Tanglin Halt. I have been patronising this stall since I was a kid, when my parents took us there. According to my mom, she’s been eating the Western food there since she was a teenager, so I suppose this stall goes way back. If you go there, you can tell that this stall has probably been around for a while now, even though it just underwent a major renovation and looks spanking new; the old couple who run the stall are probably around 65? The grey hair uncle is always in his uber comfy white cotton t-shirt, the kind that everyone’s dad probably has, with a few moth eaten holes and a loose collar. The auntie, on the other hand, looks very gd for her age (maybe she is much younger than the uncle) and she is nice, always allowing us to take extra sauce without a surcharge. I still frequent this stall when I have a Western food craving, because seriously, the sauce that they make there, is to die for. I am cheap, so this is cheap and good for me. Hah.

Chicken Chop @ Tanglin Halt

This is the chicken chop that I always eat. Their homemade sauce is really very yummy. I normally add an egg to the dish, and this costs $5? Couple it with a teh-o ping from the drinks stall (warning, the Chinese drinks stall just beside the Western stall is only good for canned drinks.. would recommend ordering self-made drinks from any other drinks stall there), and it is a satisfying meal to the max. Just don’t make the same mistake as me, by going there on Tuesdays, because they are closed on Tuesdays. And they normally start business at about 6pm onwards for dinner. They’ve got awesome pork chop and chicken cutlet too! Highly recommended!

No. 1 Western Food (驰名西餐) 
Blk 1A Commonwealth Dr #01-13 Singapore 141001 
Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre 
Sun: 1pm-9pm 
Sat-Fri: 3pm-9pm 
Closed on Tuesdays

New Lucky Claypot Rice

August 10, 2011 3 comments

In case there is a misconception that we only eat at restaurants, this entry is here to set the record straight! We actually eat of quite a fair bit of hawker fare, and now that we drive, it is definitely more convenient to zip ard looking for gd makan that is also not too costly (read: hawker food). In the days of yore (not that long ago la), we used to travel by public transport all the way to the North or the East, just to eat good stuff; we are both based in the far West btw.

Anyway, New Lucky Claypot Rice is not that new to us. We have been going there for years now, and it is very near to Clementi MRT Station, so it’s pretty convenient even by public. It’s moving to Holland Drive soon though, for a heads up on this.

Well, Ter first brought me to here to eat some years back, and at that time, I never knew that claypot rice could be such a sellout; the normal waiting time during peak hours for the claypot rice to be served is a whooping 45-90 minutes! No joke. It is highly recommended that you give them a call beforehand to order, so you don’t have to sit around the kopitiam , soaking up the grease and smoke. During off peak hours, you can expect your order to be served within 30 minutes, which is reasonable i guess, since claypot anything requires more prep time. But it’s well worth the wait, if you ask me. We normally order the chicken claypot rice with additional chicken, and we practically drench the entire claypot with the dark soy sauce before eating. The rice is fragrant, and the chicken is very tender. They use 2 types of chinese sausage in the rice; the normal lup cheong, and the other one is made of pig liver. I am not a fan of livers and innards generally, so the normal lup cheong is good enough for me.

New Lucky Claypot Rice

They are pretty generous with the chinese sausages, and I hear they serve yummy soup too. Definitely worth a try, if you are into claypot rice. Remember to call ahead and tell them what time you would be arriving. You would be amazed at how crowded this place can get during peak hours. Oh and there is a minimum order of $10, recommended for 2 pax. If you are that hungry and you are alone, with a huge claypot rice craving, then I say, go ahead!

Blk 328 Clementi Ave 2 #01-220
New Lucky Claypot Rice will be operating till 30/08/2011 (Tues).
They will be relocating to
Blk 44 Holland Drive (Market & Food Center) #02-19
Singapore 270044
Business will resume on 03/09/2011 (Sat)
For reservations call 6778 7808