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Toby’s Estate, Singapore

December 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Toby’s Estate, is a pretty renowned coffee chain in Australia. Originally in Toby’s Mum garage in Sydney now expanded to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Singapore, and even Brooklyn. They were also in the Union Square Holiday Markets in NYC. I kinda like the Robertson Quay area as its usually not too crowded and there’s plenty of dining areas. There’s also a couple of coffee places where you can sip your coffee by the river. Of course when the weather permits..

Toby's Estate, Singapore


Sat by the river for a bit and it started pouring.. Coffee on a weekday afternoon was awesome nevertheless. *Thumbs up*

Toby’s Estate
8 Rodyk Street
Singapore 238216
Tel: +65 6636 7629
Daily: 7.30am – 6.00pm


Kith Cafe

October 1, 2011 Leave a comment

The word “kith” is one of those words that will get people going “pardon me?”, when they hear it. Well, it’s not a commonly used word (not in my context anyways), and it’s not a word you could intuitively understand. So when I read about Kith Cafe, the name kinda stuck and I was curious to see if it really does live up to its meaning; familiar friends, neighbours and relatives.

Kith Cafe is located in a prime expat hub, at Robertson Quay, on the first level of the Watermark condominium. Naturally, the clientele comprises largely Caucasian and Japanese expats who live around the area. When we finally hiked to the place (we parked near Martin No. 38 because we had no idea where else we could park), I was surprised to realise that I had overestimated the spatial dimension of the seating area; the pictures I’d seen made the place look bigger! The power of wide angle lens!

One glance at the seating area and you will realise that it is no mere coincidence that Kith Cafe has a certain “raw” feel to it, with no elaborate decor to embellish it. The chalkboard is their menu, and the contents vary from day to day, so regular customers won’t get bored. Most interesting is their furniture; an array of bar stools, benches and tables that are made from layers of plywood of various dimensions. You might think that the layers are randomly put together, but I read that they were pieced together in absolute precision, giving Kith Cafe a very earthy and grounded feel, in my opinion. There are tables and chairs sprawled outside, extending the cafe onto the corridor and the grass patch that faces the Singapore River. Me thinks, if not for the intolerable humidity of Singapore, sitting outside could actually be quite nice. The food is based on home-cooked recipes, so there is nothing pretentious about the food; wholesome and familiar.

Kith cafe

Toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes & smoked bratwurst

Kith cafe

Smoked salmon sandwich

Kith cafe


Though I am impressed by the profound concept behind the design, I must admit I thought that the bar stools were a bit uncomfortable; hard on the butt (and i am not a skinny person!), no foot rest for people with short legs like myself, and they were quite heavy to push around and re-position. However, these are just ergonomics-centered gripes from a fastidious me. All that aside, Kith Cafe is one homely cafe that certainly personifies kith and kin, especially so for those living around the area. For the rest of us, drop by with your friends and enjoy the sincerity this place has to offer.

Kith café
7 Rodyk Street, Singapore 238215
+65 6341 9407
Opening Hours:
7am to 7pm Daily