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Maneki, Seattle

Whenever I do a Seattle weekend trip, I never fail to make a reservation for Maneki for a quick Japanese fix. Located in a secluded corner of international district, with all the construction going on, you will often drive by and totally miss it. Street parking ard the area during dinner time isn’t easy to find. Without a reservation, you either have to head there right when they open or after 8.30pm. So be sure to make your reservations dayS in advance. All that aside.. the restaurant is pretty cozy and the food at Maneki is GREAT! never fails to perk me up after every meal at Maneki 😀

Maneki, Seattle


2 things not to miss! black cod collar miso and sashimi! The black cod collar miso is probably the best black cod miso i ever had! As for sashimi, I usually just pick what I like and they will lay it out in that gigantic plate. They also offer a chef choice for those that aren’t as picky.

Maneki, Seattle

Black Cod Collar Miso

Some Maneki trivial.. Apparently, the elderly woman that serves you at the front desk is the daughter of the owner. And they have been in operation since 1904!

Maneki, Seattle

More Sashimi

304 6th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
Tel: (206) 622-2631
Cell: (425) 954-6469
Hours: Tue-Sun 5:30 pm – 10:30 pm

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