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Class 302, Rowland Heights

A popular shaved snow in the hearts of Rowland Heights. Located about 40 miles away from school, not exactly the closest place to drive to for just desserts. Anyway its a popular spot among people that live in San Gabriel and of course us, L and L. I believe its a perfect dessert for summer? but we were here in winter. Go figure. Shaved snow is kind of different from the regular shaved ice. I heard alot about chemicals added to it so that the ice could attain the desired texture? Not too sure about it. But from what I read, its basically shaving a block of flavored frozen milk rather than ice into strips or sheets thats have like a rather fluffy and porous structure?

Service is alright, average, like any asian restaurant. The tables are kinda sticky from I guess all the deserts that they serve? They have a grade “B” rating pasted on the door tho. Maybe its time for spring cleaning? The menu is written on the chalk board on the wall resembles that of a classroom and the table and seats are also supposed as well. The place is usually so packed that you could normally grab the beeper and head to ranch 99 or something and come back when the beeper goes off. The place is kinda small and tables are normally readily available on the outside but if you wanted a table inside… you know how it goes.

Class 302, Rowland Heights

Mango Shaved Snow

As there was a minimum charge of 3 bucks per pax, we had like fluff ice and also a soup (四神汤). Weird combination I know.. and finally its also cash only. On a side note, if you live near Westwood, there’s another similar eatery that serves only shaved snow, Blockheads Shavery, on Sawtelle Blvd that might satisfy the shaved snow craving without the 40 miles drive.

Class 302, Rowland Heights

Red Bean Shaved Snow

Class 302
1015 S Nogales St
Ste 125
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Tel: (626) 965-5809
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 11 am – 12 am

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