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SeongBukDong, Los Angeles

Before ever making a trip to this restaurant hidden in a small plaza in ktown, I have heard so many friends commenting that the braised beef and the braised mackerel tasted really good at SeongBukDong. However, parking in ktown is always a big problem and SeongBukDong sure gets really busy during dinner time.

When I was there with L and Y, we had 2 portions of the beef short ribs that was supposed to be the most popular item on the menu. The waiter took our order not long after writing our name on the waitlist. The wait was about 40 mins and once you get seated, you get served the usual korean fare, plenty of side dishes. There was a good assortment of it including mushrooms, cucumbers and bamboo, radish, kimchi, steamed egg, bean sprout and fermented bean cabbage. In less than 5 mins after we are seated, the pots of beef short ribs were served.

Galbi Jjim, Steamed Beef Short Rib

The beef was really really good. Probably the best korean beef ribs I have ever tried. Definitely definitely give it a shot. The wait was totally worth it. The beef was really tender and the stew was good too. It came with an option of brown rice or white rice. The brown rice tasted kinda healthy with beans and some other stuff in it and it was pretty unique and tasted a little sweet and was purplish in color (no idea why it was called brown rice tho.. purple rice?). Anyway, L really liked the brown rice.

Also to mention, this restaurant is really small and has like only 12 tables. It gets really busy and usually require at least a 30 mins wait before you will be seated. Even when we left, there was still a good number of people still waiting to be seated. The beef ribs will definitely make you come back for more. Almost everyone that was dining at the restaurant ordered a pot of beef ribs or braised mackerel or both.

Finally, a quote from my Korean TA, Jay, “this place is a hidden gem for sure”. So definitely give this place a try, you will not be disappointed!

Korean Restaurant
3303 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Tel: (213) 738-8977
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 9 am – 12 am

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