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Sabella & La Torre

No one goes to the beautiful city of San Francisco, without visiting Fisherman’s Wharf!

It’s teeming with life, what with the street performers, squawking seagulls and jostling tourists! I first visited Fisherman’s Wharf in the summer of 2007, during my first trip to visit T, and we were bowled over by the wide range of fresh seafood there. Whatever crustacean/fish you crave for, you can find it there. As touristy as the place is, there is one thing you must do while you’re there. Forget about sitting down to have your clam chowder bread bowl and whatnot; Get your seafood fix from one of the crab stands there and just stand around to eat, making anyone who walks past you drool with curiosity. That’s what we did the first time, and last year, we revisited the experience when we were in the SF area. Some people are not keen on eating crab outside of home, because it’s troublesome and messy I guess. But for us, we definitely have no qualms about that because we are gluttons, and gluttons don’t care about keeping up appearances. So we ordered a crab (they boil it for you there), some snacks, like calamari and fries and voila, we had our lunch standing around. It’s about USD12 per pound of crab, and it’s worth the money because it’s quite an experience. You don’t get to stand around digging the meat out of a crab pincer in Singapore yeah. Also, we all know how the parking fees in SF could cost you a leg, but you could validate your parking when you dine there. Awesome!

Sabella & La Torre

There are a few crab stands there but we always go to Sabella & La Torre. They’ve got fresh stuff and great service. The crab we had was juicy and yummy. Maybe it’s the way we eat, attacking the crab like we’ve been starved for a while, but when we were there, quite a few people came up to us to ask about the crab. Or maybe we just look friendly and approachable. I would rather believe in the latter. Drop by if you’re in the area!

Sabella & La Torre
2809 Taylor St
(between Fishermans Wharf & Jefferson St) 
San Francisco, CA 94133
Tel: (415) 673-2824
Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu, Sun 10am-10:30pm
Fri-Sat 10am-12:30am

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