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Espresso Profeta, Los Angeles

I have lots of photos that are backlogged, but instead clearing them in a chronological fashion, I go against the current (pun unintended) and write on the current ones instead. Maybe this is what they mean by the recency effect? Or maybe it’s because the recent photos are all from my latest holiday, so I have fonder memories of them? Well, no matter. It’s all going to roll out, sooner or later!

Coffee junkie T and I have Starbucks every single day when I was over in the West Coast. Sometimes, we have it more than once a day. Be it Arizona, or Vegas, or Fremont, wherever we drove to, Lady Starbucks is with us, keeping our hands warm and our caffeine fix, fixed. Honestly, the Starbucks is so much better in US than SG. Alas. Well, but either way, it’s everywhere there, so getting our caffeine fix is easy, even though it’s over commercialized coffee. So on one of the mornings, T pulled over at Westwood to get coffee, presumably from Starbucks, right? No. I somehow found myself at Espresso Profeta, an indie coffee joint along the quiet stretch of Glendon Ave. It has a nice little courtyard, and just enough tables inside so one doesn’t feel claustrophobic reading a book and sipping their coffee. The walls have paintings that you can buy. The entire place just feels homely and inviting.

Espresso Profeta

They use coffee beans from Espresso Vivace (apparently a really awesome coffee place in Seattle), and I won’t spend time elaborating on the impressive resume of their barista, Mitch Hale (you can google him if interested), because I just want to say that I’ve had the best cappuccino in The States, at Espresso Profeta. Creamy and smooth, with no residual bitterness, the cappuccino reminds me of my all time fave one from Papa Palheta. Finally, a little piece of home for me. It’s a pity I only got to discover the place towards the end of my trip, but will definitely return for more when I visit LA again.

Espresso Profeta sure is a gem in Westwood, and I’m so jealous of the UCLA students who can just stroll over from school. Pfft. Oh, and Espresso Profeta apparently means “the prophet of coffee“. Whatever that means, their coffee sure is divine yeah.

Espresso Profeta
1129 Glendon Avenue (Westwood Village)
Los Angeles, California 90024 US
Phone: (310) 208-3375
Email: espressoprofeta@hotmail.com
Hours of operation:
7 am to 7pm every day

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