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Sunnyhills Pineapple Cakes

This is a long overdue post on the best pineapple cakes IMO. They’re from this famous Taiwanese brand called Sunnyhills. Normally, we call them pineapple tarts in Singapore, but pineapple cakes would be more fitting in this case, as the cakes aren’t that small. In fact, they look like golden bricks. I was a very lucky recipient of a box of the cakes from Q, who bought them for sharing. I was actually hesitant to give it a try, because the usual CNY tarts are always overly sweet, and that has kinda marred my interest in pineapple tarts, but eventually I tried one, and I am bought over by it! The cakes are not too sweet, just right, for my liking, and for its serving size (1 brick is actually quite alot), it doesn’t give you the “jialat” feeling after finishing one whole piece. I think the quality ingredients they use make a difference; the cakes taste very atas (it’s an inexplicable feeling!). My parents loved them too, and I am keeping them in view to buy them for CNY next year.

Pineapple Tarts, Singapore
Pineapple Tarts, Singapore

They come in very nicely packaged boxes, so they make great gifts too! There is a flagship cafe at Raffles Hotel, which looks like a cute little cafe from the pictures on the website. You can get the cakes there, and savour a cup of tea if you have the time.

Available in 3 sizes
6 pcs box (300 grams) for $13.80
10 pcs box (500 grams) for $23.00
20 pcs box (1 kg) for $46.00
Free delivery for orders above $90.00
Complimentary box of 10pcs above $180.00
For Orders
Tel: +65 8522 9605
Email: services@sunnyhills.com.sg

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