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The Broers Cafe

How I ended up at The Broers Cafe is an interesting story.

A pair of close friends of mine recently welcomed their first little bundle of joy, Daryl, to this world. When they texted me the good news, I immediately planned on going to visit first thing after getting off work. I start work pretty early, so my day ends early on some days when I don’t have meetings and whatnot. So I left work and proceeded to Gleneagles straight, all excited to meet Daryl. Being the very considerate me, I asked if Daryl would be available for viewing (yes, they are somewhat like exhibits) as I was about to reach, and my friend said to give them another hour, because they had just sent him back to the nursery to rest. So with one hour to spare, I was forced to make a snap decision on how to while away the time as I cruised along Bukit Timah Road. A brilliant idea struck me and I ended up at The Broers Cafe for a quick cuppa before meeting the kiddo. Don’t ask me how my extremely random brain came up with this cafe, but it’s been in my radar for a while now, and I suppose my brain came up with an algorithm to finally sieve out The Broers Cafe, taking into consideration location (it’s not too far off from where I was), my need for a caffeine fix (it has been a dreary week) and my preference to try some place new (else I would have headed straight for PPP, it’s a no brainer). Hah, isn’t my brain the best? Not.

So I managed to squeeze my station wagon into a tiny parallel lot, and got myself acquainted with The Broers Cafe’s cappuccino and a scone. Let me just say that this is not a place you would just pop by on the way to somewhere else, because its location is hardly on the way to any where I can think of. But there are many backpackers hostels in the area, so exploring tourists might chance upon it. But anyways, the cafe is a no frills kinda place. Feels a bit aloof initially if you ask me, but the friendly owner, Kiat, more than makes up for it with his affable disposition. He asked me if I happened to come by the area, and I told him that I drove there purposefully to have coffee. Maybe I looked like an anomaly amongst his usual clientele?

The Broers Cafe

The cappuccino I had was smooth. I was quite impressed because I have had so many coffees from so many places, and so many leave an acidic aftertaste for me (maybe it’s my weird taste buds), but their cappuccino was honestly good. I asked Kiat if they roast their own beans, and he said they get them from a supplier.. which makes me even more impressed. I mean, so many people get their beans from suppliers and end up with sucky coffee, yet these folks managed to brew such a wholesome cuppa from supplied beans… they must have something the rest don’t. I think their coffee has alot of heart. Sounds like a profound idea, but it’s just the vibes I get. It’s a pity I was in a rush, else I would have sat at the bar seats and asked more about their coffee. Hah. Next time perhaps. Will be back!

The Broers Cafe

No 3 Petain Road,
Singapore 208108
(Along Somme Road)

Mon and Sun :10:00 am-8:00 pm
Wed and Thu :10:00 am-8:00 pm
Fri and Sat :10:00 am-11:00 pm

Tel: 6295 5426
Email: Kiat@thebroerscafe.sg
Email: Han@thebroerscafe.sg

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