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The Orange Thimble

Wear a thimble to prepare yourself from the little pricks in life!

The burgeoning coffee scene in Singapore is a joy to explore, for a coffee junkie like myself, and The Orange Thimble is the latest place I went to, to sniff out a noteworthy cafe. The above sentence is their tagline, and it’s pretty catchy I must say. What makes it more priceless is the innuendo; little pricks. Hurhur. Yes, I digress.

So The Orange Thimble is a new addition to the deluge of cafes/eateries at the Tiong Bahru area, and it is named as such because the shophouse space used to be a sewing shop. Why orange? Well, orange is a rather vintage colour, and the cafe no doubt emanates a quasi vintage feel from the outside.

The Orange Thimble is what I call an iceberg cafe, because what you see from the outside of the cafe, is just the tip of the iceberg; What you see is not all you get. The cafe is further compartmentalized into spaces that extend into the backyard, and every compartment has a slightly different feel to it. I mentioned a quasi vintage feel because the cafe has vintage paraphernalia here and there, but the furnishings are somewhat modern, and nice photographic pieces adorn the walls. My favourite “compartment” was the space all the way to the back, where natural lighting came in through the ceiling, and the brick-lined walls complemented the long wooden communal bench that I chose to sit at. Moreover, it was a rainy day when I went, and there weren’t that many people, so I had the entire space to myself. Most importantly, I am super afraid of cold, so the space was the only place (other than the seats along the corridor at the entrance) that wasn’t overwhelmed by air con. Hah.

The Orange Thimble

Quiche with bacon and chorizo

The Orange Thimble

My usual cappuccino with cute retro gem biscuits ( i like the biscuit more than the sugary bit btw!)

The Orange Thimble is a nice hideout to read a good book, to catch up with a friend, or simply to immerse in the sobriety of the Tiong Bahru estate. There are places you would return to for their exceptional food/drinks or for their attentive service, or simply, for how shiok the place makes you feel. The Orange Thimble, I believe, falls neatly under the last category for me, and I would definitely return; It’s high on the shiok scale.

The Orange Thimble
Blk 56, 01-68, Eng Hoon Street
+65 9750-3989

Tues / Wed / Thurs / 11am – 9pm
Fri / Sat / 9am- 10.30pm
Sun / 9am-9pm
Mon / closed

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