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Infidelity finally pays off!

In 2009, World Barista Championship winner Gwilym Davies wanted to promote the then emerging coffee scene in East London, so he came up with the disloyalty card, where he promised to make you a cuppa after you have completed a coffee journey with 8 coffee joints that he had selected. Coffee junkies lapped up the concept and the idea of coffee disloyalty has spread to Toronto and Seattle, and most importantly, it has come to our sunny island here! So 8 indie coffee joints have joined forces to be part of the Bedisloyal project here. What happens is you can get a stamp at each of the participating cafes, with the disloyalty card that you can obtain at any of the 8 cafes, and when you are done with your coffee trail, you are entitled a free coffee at the place you got the card from!

So there is no need to feel guilty on your quest for good coffee, hopping about the cafes, because for once, disloyalty pays off!

The 8 cafes are The Broers Cafe, Forty Hands, Jewel Cafe, Jimmy Monkey Cafe & Bar, Loysel’s Toy, Oriole Espresso & Brew Bar, Smitten Coffee and Tea Bar and SOHO Coffee.

Make haste in getting the card, as there are only 800 cards in the pilot phase, and the card is valid until the end of 2011. Enjoy the coffee journey!

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