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Graze @ Martin No.38

I was immediately drawn to Graze at Martin No.38 after visiting its website!

Something about the immaculate white, country-style furniture, and the light and airy ambience portrayed by the pictures on the website. I have been to Graze @ Rochester before, but that was some years back, so I was wondering if I should re-visit the place; the last time when I went, I was not equipped with a good photographer. So in an unexpected manner, I chanced upon the new branch at Martin No.38, a condominium at Robertson Quay.

When we got there, I was glad that what I saw on the website was what I got (other than the handsome guy on the webbie, LOL)! The panaromic glass panels allowed lots of light into the restaurant, and together with the timber finishes, a relaxed and chic setting for an intimate meal is what you get. I went there for brunch, and they serve an array of brunch staples, ranging from muesli to eggs benedict, with their signature cast iron pan fronting the hot (pun unintended) favourites. Needless to say, we ordered that, because it had a bit of everything in it.

Graze @ Martin No. 38

signature cast iron pan
two free-range organic eggs – poached with roast potatoes, bacon, sausage, baked beans, roast tomatoes, mushrooms

Graze @ Martin No. 38

grilled wagyu burger
marinated peppers, rocket, taleggio DOP, harissa fries

Graze @ Martin No. 38

No brunch is complete without a cappuccino!

The signature cast iron pan was indeed a melting pan of everything, and it is basically an all rounded, hearty brunch item to order. The wagyu burger was served on a chopping board of some sort, and was a large serving, for me at least, because I don’t eat that much. So when we called for the bill and the service staff saw almost half of the burger left over, he was very concerned about the quality of the meal. He checked back with us twice, though we assured him that the food was great, and I could not finish the burger because I can’t eat too much in one sitting. Through this, I can safely say that the service at Graze is outstanding. They were attentive to our needs, and were genuinely interested in getting feedback to improve on their operations. So kudos to that! If you are looking for a more urban-country kinda place for a good brunch, do give Graze at Martin No.38 a try. Maybe you will be lucky enough to spot the hunk who appeared on their website. :p

Graze @ Martin No. 38
38 Martin Road, Singapore 239059
+65 6509 1680
Opening Hours
Lunch Tues-Fri: 12noon-3pm
Dinner Tues-Sat: 6pm-11pm
Brunch Sat-Sun: 10am-4pm
Wine Bar Tues-Sun: 12noon-closing
Last food orders 30 mins before closing times shown 
Closed on Monday and Sunday dinner

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