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Loysel’s Toy

I have a thing for monikers, nomenclature and its likes. Some places, they have names that are pretty self-explanatory, like Go!Go!Curry! – obviously a place that serves curry as their main fare. Others, however, have obscure names that just prod me to turn to my best friend, Google, to unravel the mystery behind them. Well, Loysel’s Toy, like their sister joint, Papa Palheta, is one of those names that got me Googling, even though I realised later on that there is a brief write-up on their website. Some things, you just gotta find out yourself!

So the story goes like this; this man called Edward Loysel de Santais, invented the first espresso machine that took the world by storm during its introduction at the Paris Expo in 1855. No surprise that this man is an engineer who happens to have a penchant for coffee (either that, or he has a need for speed because his invention could brew coffee at a much faster rate), and he devised a way to use steam pressure to bring hot water up to a certain height, and the weight of the water, as it descends through an elaborate tubing system, applies the brewing pressure. Hmmm, I am not sure how the intricate network of tubes serves to augment the pressure that is already generated by the height factor, but perhaps Bernoulli could enlighten us? :p So yup, after understanding the name, I then came to appreciate the presence of the hugeass vintage coffee machine that sits in the corner of Loysel’s Toy.

Back to the coffee at Loysel’s Toy. From the same awesome people who brought you Papa Palheta, the people at Loysel’s Toy are committed to making every cuppa a perfect brew.

Loysel's Toy

What sets Loysel’s Toy apart from the other coffee joints is it doesn’t need to be at a prime location to garner business. Before this, I haven’t even ventured to Kg Bugis before. All I knew of Kg Bugis was that it was by the river (or is that a canal?!), and there are a few obscure warehouses there. But on any weekend, this place is abuzz with people, who have flocked down to this little warehouse by the river/canal, for a nice cuppa and an escape from the mundane. Even if you are not a coffee junkie, this is a hip place to be seen, in a not so hip location. If you are a coffee junkie, then you will be duly impressed by the coffee at Loysel’s Toy. There is nothing to not like about a coffee joint that sells fantastic coffee, with an idyllic lifestyle to boot.

Loysel’s Toy
66 Kampong Bugis, Ture, #01-01, Singapore, Singapore 338987
Tue – Fri 9:00 am- 6:00 pm
Sat – Sun 9:00 am – 7:30 pm
Mon Closed
Tel +65 62922306
Email brew@loyselstoy.com

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